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It's the "non-essential" bit that worries you, yes?  What are the so-called "essential" cookies?

We asked an expert at this is the company that "hosts" our website. That means they have a computer switched on 24 hours a day, so you can access our website whenever you like.

Put another way: you may think The Echo website is on a computer in Mansfield somewhere. It isn't. Wix's head office is in Israel, and it has offices in the USA, Ukraine and Lithuania! The computer which holds The Echo website details may be in any one of those countries or somewhere else! When you click <Enter> an awful lot of things have to happen quickly for you to see the website - essential cookies make that happen. That's all they do. We promise.

This is what he said: "The term 'essential cookies' is a pretty broad one, determined by the EU, and refers to cookies that are 'strictly necessary' for providing an 'information society service' requested by the user. Cookies likely to be deemed essential are, for example, those that help ensure that your page loads quickly by distributing the workload."

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